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I will listen to everything going on in your business and create a plan to tell you where to go next. This normally is a $497 offer and I am giving it away for free because I believe if you've come this far, you have what it takes to go from the 95% into to the top 5%, and I want to get you there. I can't wait to talk to you!

What do you struggle with as a salon owner?

As salon owners, we constantly wear many hats. At one point we have to manage everything that goes on in our business. Things like inventory, financials, recruiting, hiring, onboarding, education, legal matters, compensation, and the list goes on. All this while still producing revenue doing hair. Handling all these things is like drinking from a fire hose. It comes at you fast and furious and there is never enough time to breath.

What things hold you back from achieving the highest levels of success?

Do you feel like every time things are starting to flow and work the way you want, suddenly something happens that sets you back again? Are you always moving two steps ahead and three steps back? Low cash flow, sudden tax bills, equipment challenges and staff issues are all things that will bring your momentum to a screeching halt.

Anna Walsh - Owner of Lola Hair Studio

"I'm proud to say that every year I've been open I've been profitable with 35% growth"

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"Ronit is one of the most respected and influential leaders in the industry. Her passion & energy is present in everything she embraces"

Shelley North - Glow Beauty Boutique

Let Ronit help you:

  • Get unstuck and break down the emotional and financial challenges.

  • Discover how to create a roadmap that serves your business & personal goals.

  • Learn the core principles that will build a company and career with steady profits.

  • Build a culture that empowers the team to be part of the vision.

  • Create the mindset & habits needed for a healthier, happier business & personal life.

  • Become a more productive leader and dramatically improve your results.

  • See exactly what you need to become a High Profit Salon.
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Here's some of the things we'll discuss...

What are the biggest challenges facing your salon every day?

I owned and operated a Boston-based salon for 20 years. I can remember the vision I had in my mind would constantly get hijacked by daily challenges. I often felt like I had no control of my business. I would get to work with great ideas and a perfect game plan in my head, and then suddenly it was like I was putting out fires and dealing with problems all day long. My business was controlling me.

How profitable is your salon?

I often ask salon owners this question. The answers always seem to be a “best guess”. The typical salon owner thinks about profitability in terms of left-over money at the end of the month. They run their business based on their monthly expenses. This is called Bank Balance Accounting, and it doesn’t work. This style of money management will never lead to high profits. If you operate like this, you'll always be chasing profits. It’s a game you can’t win.

How do salons make money?

Making money comes by knowing everything about your business. By understanding your ideal client, your perfect team avatar, the true cost of all your services, the many creative ways to structure your services and knowing the latest promotional and branding techniques. Then, once you have knowledge of these things, you need to build a strategy and a roadmap that is aligned with your vision. A blueprint that will allow you to implement a step-by-step business plan to create consistent profits and build a company that fits your lifestyle and almost runs itself.

What are the top 3 reasons salons fail?

1. Salon owners don’t know their true goals. I’m not talking about a wish list. To be successful, you need to have crystal clarity and focus on your vision. You also need to build a powerful mindset to clearly design your goals and your roadmap. This takes knowledge and practice.

2. They don’t know their numbers. Most salon owners were not trained in finance and numbers. We started our careers as artists, not business professionals. So, we quickly fall into wrong habits of managing money and evaluating our finances. Learning the right way to do it is the only way to achieve lasting success.

3. They don’t have the right plan in place to become profitable. This plan needs to include everything, not only numbers. It factors in your team, your services, clients, demographics, technology, branding, messaging, hiring, education, and more. It’s a complete system where everything works together.

How do you survive in these difficult times?

By becoming an incredible leader. By showing up every day prepared and ready to lead your team in every way. By having your roadmap and financials completely developed. By understanding that your productivity behind the chair is not the source of building a successful business. Once I learned that I needed to become the CEO of my business, and not my chair, I was able to work on my business, not in my business. I systematically built a well-oiled machine that operated according to building profits, wealth and freedom.


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